Come lavoriamo | 1 2 ExportTransparency of procedures is paramount for 1 2 Export. Here below are five steps of our approach to working with clients.

1. Introductory Meeting

To start off with, we will want to know about your project and objectives, to understand how 1 2 Export can help you.

2. Project Proposal and Discussion

After the first meeting, we will outline the different steps of the project and give you an estimate. The proposal can of course be discussed and modified if necessary.

3. Consulting Agreement

Once we both agree on the objectives, procedures and cost of the project, we will sign a consulting agreement.

4. Data analysis and definition of a strategy

In order to define the details of the strategy, we will collect and analyse sets of data such as:

  • company history
  • description of main and ancillary products and services
  • market of reference and competition
  • target audience
  • supply chain

5. Project execution

Once the preliminary analysis is completed, the execution of the project will start. We will also follow up with a report to formalize the beginning of this phase.