1 2 Export Opens the Doors to International Markets

The Client at the Centre

We will be your export manager, fully integrated in your company, but at a fraction of the cost.

The approach to the project will be completely agreed-upon and transparent.

A Well-Defined Project

Strategy and resources are defined beforehand, with a fully-fledged project.

This means there will be no on-the-fly-changes to the budget, and you’ll hire new people only if necessary.

Consulting and Execution

Our team of consultants have an extensive experience as sales reps.

That means we are able to both define the strategy AND execute it. It’s a 360° service with reduced times and costs.

Here's Why It's Time to Outsource

Outsourcing means to contract some business functions to external professionals. With two great advantages for companies.

Higher flexibility, because the relationship is project-based and not continuous.

Cost rationalization, because you will only use the resources you need for as long as you need them.

One Single Partner for a Fully-Comprehensive Service


With the help of trusted partners, we are able to provide additional services to complete your project of expansion towards foreign markets.

The Opportunities of Foreign Markets Are at Your Fingertips with 1 2 export

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I would like to sell abroad but I don’t know where to start from

Starting from the services and products you would like to export, we help you decide which the key elements of your project are. We provide a statistic study regarding your products and sector, in order to choose the best geographic areas from where to start. With the...