The search for potential customers, agents, importers and wholesalers plays a central role in a professional office dealing with the development of sales in the international market for its clients from various sectors.
Managing contacts with customers accurately is therefore fundamental, in order to improve the results for clients and to guarantee access to real-time information on the developments of our work. As a consequence, we need to maintain many relationships on behalf of many clients, i.e. to register personal data of customers, records of every phone call, offer, order and much more.

Advantages of a Customer Relationship Management software

These are the reasons that have made us decide to use the CRM software vTiger, an open-source software for managing leads and customers:

  • Reduced costs: being open-source, the is no need to pay for licenses and updates;
  • flexibility: it can be customised according to one’s own requirements;
  • accessibility: it is possible to provide many users with the access to the management of contacts;
  • user-friendliness: it can be set up and tailored even by users with a basic IT knowledge. Of course having a trustworthy IT partner would be advisable, as far as software setup, updates and support while connecting different applications are concerned, but this software enables one to ask for specific adjustments, according to one’s needs and, most of all, resources.

This solution can create an unlimited number of users, at no additional cost, and grant them access – even a remote one – to their data. Our clients therefore have the possibility to check the state of the leads we have generated for them or for their network in real time. The software, indeed, gives the opportunity to follow different companies belonging to the same area and sharing common potential customers. Thus it builds a sort of network, enabling a further rationalisation of expenses for export and sales development. VTiger handles information related to many users, as well, at the same time as that concerning every single company. This software therefore stands for an optimal solution for interacting with current and potential customers.