Why 1 2 export

I vantaggi dell'export in outsourcing per le PMI | 1 2 ExportDo you want to sell your products abroad but don’t you want to assume the costs of a full time export manager?

We can create and manage an international selling network for your company:

  • Managing the foreign markets;
  • Looking for clients, agents and distributors;
  • Planning the internationalization of sales;
  • Supporting the staff in the management of the foreign market.

To sell a product in the foreign market implies:

  • To reach new markets and new consumers;
  • To have access to a specific know-how and experienced professionals in the field of international commerce.

Today, the most competitive companies are those which are most present in the foreign market, also because this presence limits the risks implied by the local economic conjuncture. It is clear, however, that in order to start such a complicated process, to take part in international trade fairs is not enough.

Which are the positive aspects for SMEs of outsourcing exports?

  • Business costs rationalization
  • Flexibility of projects
  • No need for fixed workspaces or fringe benefits (car, mobile phone, laptop, etc.)
  • Lower investments for the hiring of new staff
  • Collaboration within a network of other companies of the same sector
  • Bet on your company investing on us and with us. The international market has never been so close.