Starting from the services and products you would like to export, we help you decide which the key elements of your project are.

We provide a statistic study regarding your products and sector, in order to choose the best geographic areas from where to start.

With the information on your company, your clients, your partners, the human resources involved in the project, we are able to plan a strategy and to find the proper person to be in charge of all specific tasks.

The activity of searching and contacting potential clients, agents and/or distributors starts immediately, according to the strategy previously outlined.

This way of operating allows you to have an objective evaluation of the situation and a preliminary study of the market, and at the same time allows you to start searching for partners abroad in a short period of time.

Their feedback about your product is important in order for you to understand how to improve your business. This way it is possible to establish regular collaborations with commercial agents, distributors or final customers, according to your business sector, the structure of your company and the geographic area in which you would like to operate.

We guide you through the development of the project with the help of our long-time experience in international markets.