The Brazilian population is more prone to consumption than the rest of the world, partly due to its materialistic tendency. Indeed, more people than in the rest of the world state that they measure personal success according to consumption, i.e. to the ownership of goods.

These values draw a growing number of both tourists and inhabitants, together with other peculiarities, such as Brazil’s economic and political stability, its solid macroeconomic and financial structure, the increasing amount of international diplomatic interactions, the solidity of the banking system and the charm of this country. Thus turning Brazil in a country offering many economic opportunities to foreign companies, especially those of the “Made-in-Italy” sector.

In particular, many codes can count on considerable reductions of customs duty (from 14% to 2%): this enhances the business opportunities of many Italian companies, as well as marking a definite path in political and economic choices.

Exporting to Brazil with a resident support scheme

We can provide you with a complete support in developing your business on the Brazilian market. From your search for customers, distributors and importers to the identification of partners with whom you can create a local business.

These are our services:

  • we perform market analyses: according to their results, we plan the project, by outlining a basic strategy, which will be completed by collaborating with you. Our office and our partner in Brazil work together to achieve this aim;
  • we shape solutions to your needs: our reference targets are small and medium enterprises, which typically show peculiar requirements, related to their size and structure, as we are well aware;
  • we give you some hints at the most exported products (codes)from Italy to Brazil: in 2013, car parts, pieces and accessories ranked first, immediately followed by special machines and devices for particular industries.

To find out which opportunities the Brazilian market can offer you, or to ask for more information, please feel free to contact us.