The Chinese market is one of the best emerging ones. The middle class is growing very fast and the number of the “new rich” is increasing.

This means that even companies with medium-end, medium-high-end and high-end products have a good chance to sell them.

Business Services Shanghai FTZ (free trade zone)

Together with our partner in Shanghai, we can provide you with various customisable services, in order for you to join the permanent exhibition of the FTZ in Shanghai:

  • finding commercial partners in China and organizing business meeting with partners selected on the basis of your demands;
  • support in keeping up the correspondence with your Chinese prospects;
  • support for communication, so that it is appropriate for Chinese clients: prospects will have an interlocutor talking with them in their mother tongue, whereas your company will have a contact speaking your language;
  • a chance to exhibit your products permanently and at favourable rates, with a full-time staff available in the place included;
  • communication and creation of a network of contacts for the exhibiting companies;
  • support in managing various procedure documents.

These advantages and those offered by outsourcing will let you control costs and results of your project, since your company will have a real market presence in a steadily growing foreign market, without the structural costs such an organisation would require if managed by your internal staff.

Besides, were your growth so big as to require a branch office in China, we would help you to internationalize your company and to create your Chinese branch.