The commercial agents are the perfect middleman for certain commodities sectors and some companies. In other cases it may be better to look for an importer.

On the basis of a first business and sector analysis, we make sure that we find the proper partner for your business, whether a commercial agent or someone with a different role.

For years we have been finding agents, distributors, importers in the foreign markets in order to set up selling networks for different companies in several commodities sectors.

The process is not fast, since the building of a selling network of a company does not only require the selection of a series of commercial agents. You also need to contact the candidates, to verify their interest in the products or services involved, to verify their motivation and that their client list is targeted to the company, to monitor their work if the collaboration starts, even working with them if necessary, in order to set the goals, support them during the selling process, etc.

It all means that in order to find and manage new agents you need qualified employees who spend their time carrying out these activities.