1 2 export [one to export], a partner for your company’s international growth!

What do we offer?

  • An Outsourced Export Manager;
  • a team of professionals at your service;
  • practical solutions to your problems;
  • a support in line with your needs;
  • a customised development plan;
  • internationalisation of retailing.

We are at your disposal to study which is the best solution for your needs.

Our clients ask us to:

  • judge which are the most suitable markets for their company, according to their area;
  • find new clients on foreign markets;
  • accompany the entrepreneur to the chosen contacts;
  • find importers in still uncovered markets;
  • develop agent networks abroad;
  • back up the internal staff and increase the inclination towards the creation of new contacts and, therefore, of new business opportunities;
  • support the entrepreneur while judging commercial partners.

And we can do it!