Often the internal staff of a company, especially a small or middle sized one, is busy with different kinds of tasks and cannot be specifically dedicated to finding and contacting new potential clients or middlemen.

Moreover, not all human resources are enough experienced and able to act with the necessary determination in the foreign markets, with the aim of systematically and repeatedly creating new opportunities.

Finally, often the typical SME is structured in a way that does not pay enough attention to the development and upgrading of its employees and to the creation of leads, which are at the basis of the commercial development both in the foreign and local markets.

Sometimes positive results, like achieving new contacts and finding new clients, can be achieved supporting the human resources already working for the company.

We gradually support your staff with the aim of enhancing the search and creation of contacts in the foreign market, with positive results in the short term and avoiding great expenses for the company.

The achievement of a goal is always the result of a hard and constant work. A sporadic activity does not carry the benefits and the results which, on the contrary, are guaranteed by a properly and systematically planned work.