The companies which sell their products abroad are mainly those which are facing better the actual economic situation. Several are the reasons:

  • A bigger business volume: to sell in new markets allows them to reach new consumers;
  • Greater profits: if the exports in new markets exploit their hidden potential and do not increase the fixed costs, the profits increase.
  • Geographic diversification of the risks: to operate in different geographic areas allows distributing the risks implied by the economic conjuncture.
  • Economy of scale: if the foreign sales reach a considerable amount, the company grows and will be able to exploit the dimensional advantages, as far as purchases and structure are concerned, for example;
  • A bigger know-how: it happens, for example, when the company, interacting with new clients, achieves new solutions and develops or learns new concepts;
  • The development of new contacts: the presence in the international markets may facilitate the building of new relations and give new opportunities;
  • Image benefits: the companies that grow through exports are perceived as good business even in the local market.
  • Internal benefits: the skills and the resources acquired in the international markets may result to be helpful also in the local market.