You wish to export, but you are aware that you do not possess the necessary know-how and experience within your company?

One possible solution is to hire an export manager, but it implies a significant cost and, besides, the results of his work do not depend only on his skills, attitude and experience. Other crucial factors to the success of the project are: the business structure, the ability to be convincing when dealing with potential new clients, to do so within the expected schedule and at a reasonable price.

We offer quality assistance through the creation of a project based on the needs of the company, which reduces the investment needed and does not force the company to hire new staff. This way, the flexibility of the export project increases, while the risk diminishes, given the lower costs.

Further advantages are offered to those companies which enter a network created for their specific sector: the travel expenses, for example, are shared between the members, with a corresponding cost rationalisation. A company which shares the travel expenses with other two partner companies is able to spend two thirds less for a single trip, increasing this way the number of possible business trips without changing the established budget.

It is the ‘business network’ principle, applied to the export activity. More and more Italian companies join a network in order to rationalise not only the sales costs but also the purchase and marketing costs, etc.