In the present economic conjuncture many businessmen decide to cross boundaries: to operate in the foreign market implies the chance to catch new business opportunities, even if in a mostly unknown territory.

The professional profile of the export manager

Before engaging in a promising but nevertheless new activity, it is important to rely on an export manager or on an advisor whose expertise are the international markets. Their job is precisely that of helping small and medium enterprises to start operating in the foreign market.

What does an export manager do

The first task of an export manager is to investigate the new target market and to look for leads (agents, distributors, importers), with the aim of building a sales network which will develop and consolidate in the future.

It is not an immediate process. Once contacted the potential clients and having convinced them that the product is interesting, the distribution times can be long. For this reason it is paramount to choose a reliable partner who follows the project together with the producer, facilitating the mediation with the foreign partners.

How to choose the best business profile

There are various kinds of export manager. There is the internal export manager, who can become part of your staff, or the export manager you “share” with other businesses; there also is the possibility of choosing a business consultant society specialized in foreign sales. The important thing is to choose reliable professionals who can understand your needs and build a solid project, tailor made for your company. It is fundamental to share a good professional feeling with the person you choose, because he/she will have to follow you and work with you side by side in order to help you achieve your goal: to operate confidently in the international market.